North West Stages 2024

The North West Stages 2024, serving as the inaugural round of the prestigious British Rally Championship, was headquartered at Myerscough College, commencing with a ceremonious launch in the historic town of Garstang on the Friday evening. Regrettably, the event encountered unforeseen challenges, prompting the cancellation of the morning loop of stages soon after its commencement. Despite these setbacks, the resilience of the organizers and participants prevailed, facilitating the smooth execution of the afternoon stages and ensuring the overall success of the event.

Despite the adversities faced, the North West Stages 2024 maintained its reputation as a cornerstone event within the rallying community, showcasing the resilience and adaptability of all involved. Ultimately, amidst the trials of the day, Chris Ingram and Alex Kihurani emerged triumphant, navigating their VW Polo GTI R5 to victory overall.

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