From a very young age I’ve been interested in cars and some of the first cars I ever owned was a Ford Escort Mk1, Escort Mk2 RS 2000 and an Escort Mk2 Mexico amongst many other classics. Even to this day i like my garage toys and have just sold my 1995 Subaru Impreza Series McRae to buy a Toyota GR Yaris which is a lot of fun.

I’ve been watching Rallying from the mid 80s with the Group B cars and I’m still as enthusiastic to this day. No matter if it’s a WRC event or my local rally I still like to get out and about in the forests and stages. There’s something about rallying which makes it different to other motorsport, and there’s something special about getting out and about in the stages. Rally fans are hardy characters and the great british weather can throw all weather conditions at us in these remote areas we find ourselves in.

I recently became interested in photography so for me the two interests go hand in hand. I get to more events now than I ever had as I’m always committed to improving my photography skills and developing my own style of images.

My motivation is driven by my love of rallying and through my photography to promote the sport to a wider audience through my website and social media outlets.

With closed road rallying becoming more and more popular these days there’s some motorsport clubs putting on some excellent events, like East Riding Stages, only in its early stages and already growing. More established events like North West Stages and Jim Clark Rally are always great events to attend.

I work closely with Trackrod Motor Club and Ripon Motorsport Club supplying them both with photos every year for their media outlets. I also supply images to Xlerate.net after selected events throughout the year. In 2022 I was contacted by Mororsport News to help them out with images and will also be helping them out again moving forward into 2023. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to work with all these company’s and I’m always striving to improve my photography skills to continue providing a high standard of work.

In 2022 my application to Motorsport UK for Rally Media was eccepted and I am now an accredited Level 2 photographer.

Rallying has been my passion for many years but I like all motorsports, so if there’s a gap in my rally calendar I generally look at other events that are happening around me.

Thanks for taking the time to read my about section, Gary.